A+ Program

In order to be eligible for A+ funding a student should enter into a written agreement with the high school during the last three years prior to high school graduation and, to be eligible, must have:


1.   Attended a designated A+ school for three years prior to high school graduation.

2.   Graduated from high school with a GPA of 2.5 or higher, for the four-year period.

3.   Received a score of proficient or advanced on the Algebra I end-of-course exam OR received a qualifying ACT math score combined with a qualifying GPA.

4.   Maintained at least a 95% attendance record for the four-year period.

5.   Performed 50 hours of unpaid tutoring with other students.

6.   Maintained a record of good citizenship and avoidance of the unlawful use of drugs and/or alcohol.

7.   Made a documented, good faith effort to secure all available federal post-secondary student financial assistance funds that do not require re-payment (filed a FAFSA).

8. Male students must be registered with Selective Service to receive A+ or any other government fincancial aid for college. 


The student financial incentive will be available for a period of four years after high school graduation. To maintain eligibility during that time, each participating student must enroll and attend a Missouri public community college or vocational-technical school on a full time basis and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher. (Some four-year institutions are starting to offer an incentive to A+ students. Check with the A+ Coordinator if you have a specific four-year school in mind).