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Mr. Mike Summers


I am the IT Director for Otterville School District. To give you some background, I graduated from Ava, MO in 2002. I then joined the US Air Force and was a Munitions Craftsman for 12 years. After separating, I went to the Middle East as a contractor from 2014-2017. I came home to be with my family and decided I wanted to get into Computer Administration and Networking. I found a job where I was able to go to college and begin my journey. Before I started working here, I was an IT tech with the 509 FSS on Whiteman AFB where I was able to fine-tune many things that I had learned either on my own or through my college classes. 

I have 5 children ranging from age 13 to 20 and 1 granddaughter. 

Thank you to all the parents/guardians, staff, administration, and board members for assisting with bringing more technology to this school for the students. Yes, I have realized that I added more work for myself, but I am more interested in helping our students become successful in their futures (plus I don't really have any more hair to pull out). As of this August, we are now 1:1 from grades 1-12. Kindergarten has devices, but they are not wanting to cooperate. We are in the process of ordering iPads for K-1 to replace the not-so-great laptops/tablets in those classes. The high school students have all been issued a laptop that we just purchased this summer which allowed me to move down their devices to the younger grades.

I really want to say thank you to the staff, administration, board and community for the patience you have had with me as I have been implementing new software and devices this year. You all are what make these Eagle Soar!!!