• Algebra B



    Purpose for Course:

    The purpose of this course is to continue you learning about Algebra.  This course will give you the concepts and ideas involved in Algebra.  This class will hopefully improve you confidence in math and Algebra.


    Course Objectives:


    • Solving equations and inequalities
    • Solve 1, 2, and multi-step equations and inequalities
    • Represent equations and inequalities and solve graphically
    • Solve systems of equations and inequalities
    • Properties of rational exponents
    • Rewrite radicals and rational exponent expressions using the properties of exponents
    • Use units of to solve problems
    • Convert units and rates
    • Use and label appropriate units
    • Choose appropriate level of accuracy
    • Polynomials
    • Subtract, add, multiply and divide polynomials
    • Functions
    • Use a function notation, identify domain and range, and evaluate functions in different contexts. Determine rate of change and interpret parameters.
    • Graph functions, identify key features of graphs, and compare properties of 2 different functions.
    • Other various mathematical contexts





    Homework                  30%

    Quizzes                       20%

    Tests                            50%


    You will have an assignment almost every day.  You will have a quiz almost every other week.  Test will be after every chapter.

    *Assignment list subject to change if deemed necessary.


    Grading Scale

    • A 73-76               C
    • A- 70-72               C-
    • B+ 67-69               D+
    • B 63-66               D
    • B- 60-62               D-

    77-79               C+                               59 - ¯              F



    Your homework score will include in-class work (bellwork) and homework scores.  Homework should be done in pencil.  Homework will be graded at the beginning of class.  You will grade your own with a red/black pen.  It will be collected and recorded by me at a later time and then give back to you.  If you miss a day, you are responsible for getting the notes and the assignment.  For late work and excuse absence policies, see procedure/routines.


    Final Thought:

    I am here to teach you about math.  I am also here to help you through math.  Do not be afraid to ask for help and do not wait until you are completely lost.  You will not learn anything if you do not ask about it.