•  Geometry

     Purpose for Course:

    The purpose of this course is to introduce you to Geometry.  This class will work on your reasoning skills and logic skills.  This class deals a lot with proofs and theorems, but this class can be more visual than other math classes.


    Course Objectives:


    • Transformations in the Coordinate Plane
    • Prove Geometric Theorems and Make Constructions
    • Understand and Prove Similarity
    • Understand and Identify Right Triangles and Trigonometry
    • Understand and Identify Circles
    • Explore Geometric Properties with Equations
    • Understand Geometric Measurements, Dimensions, and Modeling
    • Understand Probability
    • Other various mathematical contexts






    Homework                  30%

    Quizzes                       20%

    Tests                            50%


    You will have an assignment almost every day.  You will have a quiz almost every other week.  Test will be after every chapter.

    *Assignment list subject to change if deemed necessary.



    Grading Scale

    95 – 100          A                                 73 – 76            C

    90 – 94            A-                                70 – 72            C-

    87 – 89            B+                               67 – 69            D+

    83 – 86            B                                 63 – 66            D

    80 – 82            B-                                60 – 62            D-

    77 – 79            C+                               59 - ¯              F



    Your homework score will include in-class work (bellwork) and homework scores.  Homework should be done in pencil.  Homework will be graded at the beginning of class.  You will grade your own with a red/black pen.  It will be collected and recorded by me at a later time and then give back to you.  If you miss a day, you are responsible for getting the notes and the assignment.  For late work and excuse absence policies, see procedure/routines.


    Final Thought:

    Geometry is a subject that builds on itself.  It is extremely important to not get behind.  If you have questions about assignments then please find the extreme time to get the help you need.  Remember I want you to be successful.