Mr. Mike Summers

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Mr. Mike Summers


I am the new IT Director for Otterville School District. To give you some background, I graduated from Ava, MO in 2002. I then joined the US Air Force and was a Munitions Craftsman for 12 years. After separating, I went to the Middle East as a contractor from 2014-2017. I came home to be with my family and decided I wanted to get into Computer Administration and Networking. I found a job where I was able to go to college and begin my journey. Before I started working here, I was an IT tech with the 509 FSS on Whiteman AFB where I was able to fine-tune many things that I had learned either on my own or through my college classes. 

I have 5 children of my own ranging from age 12 to 19 and 1 granddaughter. 

When I began here, I was told this was going to be kind of a fixer-upper. There are somethings that I do want to replace/fix, but overall is in decent shape. My goals are to assist the Administration and the teachers be able to use technology to help teach your children how to: 1) use technology, 2) use technology responsibly, 3) be able to appropriately use technology that they are going to be using in the real world outside of school. 

I have been working with the Administration and Board to be able to bring more technology to our students and prepare them for life outside of school. The Administartion and Board have been tremendous help in this task and that leaves me able to let you all know that, hopefully when students come back from Christmas break, we will be implementing 1:1 for grades 3 through 12. This is a huge feat as when I started, we were only about halfway there. I am waiting on the last of the computers in order to implement it. 

I do look forward to working with you, your students, and the staff here to bring the 21st century to Otterville School District.